Stablecoins, altcoins, shitcoins: history, review, and everything you need to know now

An in-depth but accessible discussion so that you losers can decide your favorite flavors.


  • A class of cryptocurrency that aims to provide price stability, ensuring a stable value over time.
  • There are different methods of achieving a stable market price:
    • Collateralized by fiat: the coins are backed by assets in reserve.
    • Collateralized by cryptocurrency: something lie “over-collateralization”, something like $1 of stablecoin is linked with $2 worth of crypto.
  • tether (USDT): pegged to the US dollar with a market cap value of more than $29 billion (jan/2021).
  • gemini ddollar (GUSD): project that allows sending stable coins over the Ethereum network.
  • TrueUSD (TUSD): market capitalization of $374.8M (jan/2021).